“Communication design is an intellectual, creative, strategic, managerial, and technical activity. It essentially involves the production of visual solutions to communication problems”. 


Our areas:

Design for information, design for persuasion, design for education, and design for administration.

Our Disciplines:

Identity design; editorial and book design; information design; advertising; illustration; photography; signage and pictogram systems; packaging; web, interactive and interface design; interaction, environmental and exhibition graphics; data visualization; and any other activity of online and of offline shaping of visual form.

Some Clients:

Ministerio de Educación · Colombia (SNIES) (Web Design), Acuasan (Web Design), Thomas R. Defler (Web Design, Illustration), Pangea (Identity design), Miami Beach Computers (Editorial Design), CWD (Commercial Wood Design) (Identity design, Web Design and Photography), Alfaomega (Editorial and Book Design), Geopaideia and Revista Anekumene (Web Design, Editorial and Book Design), Nonakio Group (Web Design), Centre d’Etudes Sociales sur Amérique Latine (CESAL) (Editorial and Book Design), ANIVET (Veterinary Clinic) (Photography, Advertising and Web Design), Irene Gómez (Classical Guitarist) (Web Design y CD Graphic Design), San Librario Libros (Editorial and Book Design and Web Design), PETIPÁ (Dance School) (Photography and Web Design), VIVRE DANCE (Ballet Company) (Photography and Identity design), Fundación Mujeres de Éxito (Editorial and Book Design), Ministerio de Cultura · Colombia (Programa Nacional de Bandas) (Advertising, Photography and Editorial and Book Design), SENA (Editorial and Book Design), G&T consultores (Educational Material Design), Centro Profesional Gráfico (Editorial and Book Design), TAREAS (Taller de Redactores Asociados) (Editorial and Book Design), ACED (Asociación Colombiana para el Estudio del Dolor) (Editorial and Book Design), Fundación Padre Nicoló (Web Design), RCN (programa Francotiradores) (Editorial Design), Bordicol (Photography), Daewoo (Photography), MEALS (Editorial and Book Design), SIEMENS (Interactive Design), QUEST (Interactive Design), Universidad de la Salle · Colombia (Interactive Design), Universidad Pedagógica Nacional · Colombia (multimedia), PROAG (Web Design), Colsanitas (Revista Bienestar) (illustration), Yagenet (Web Design) Calzado La Piel Roja (Photography), Acopi (Web Design), Fruitware (Identity design, Web Design and Editorial and Book Design), Amnistía Internacional · Colombia y Costa Rica (Editorial and Book Design), FUNDACES (Web Design), Universidad de Buenos Aires – Veterinaria (Educational Material Design), Kimetz Liburuak · Templando el Acero (editorial and book design), CCMA (Identity design and Web Design), 45-RPM (Web Design), Fundarte-CP (Web Design), Association Simon Bolivar (Editorial and Book Design), Red Barrio (Web Design), RAG constructores (Web Design), Asociación Minga (Editorial and Book Design).